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A list of call centre training providers customer service and call centre training providers for frontline staff in Australia. 

Whether it's a public course where you can learn with others or you are looking to engage a specialist training provider to come and host training in your premises, the providers below are specialists within the call centre industry. 

With an increasing amount of enquiries being conducted through self-service, the moments a call centre agent needs to handle a call are becoming more and more important. Don't leave it to chance!

Courses can cover a multitude of skills, from objection handling and managing customer complaints, rapport building, hold techniques and more through to telesales, account management and telemarketing sales skills to boost conversions in your centre.

Public Courses

Available to the general public, public call centre training courses enable you to access highly skilled trainers along with the networking benefits of being able to learn from others in your training course. You can find all the upcoming training courses, conferences and more on our CX Central Events Calendar

Private Training 

If you would rather have the training conducted on-site on your premises, or would like a training program conducted specifically to address your training needs and requirements contact one of the specialist call centre industry trainers below.

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Five Degrees

Improve your customer experience to convert more sales, achieve higher first contact resolution and increase engagement with staff and customers. Our proven and powerful mechanism has been developed over 23 years to change the sales and customer service habits of your contact centre staff.

Phone: (+61) 407 002 113


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Training / Frontline staff / Five Degrees

Healthy Business Builder

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Training / Frontline staff / Healthy Business Builder

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Training / Frontline staff / KONA

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Australian TeleCommunications Team

Training / Frontline staff / Australian TeleCommunications Team

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CPM Australia

Training / Frontline staff / CPM Australia

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The Voice Business

Training / Frontline staff / The Voice Business

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Training / Frontline staff / ProSell

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BlueFox Group

Training / Frontline staff / BlueFox Group

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Learning Planet

Training / Frontline staff / Learning Planet

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