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South Africa

List of Call Centre Outsourcers in South Africa

Call Centre outsourcers in South Africa offer an attractive destination for Australian companies with great value, a strong work ethic and a friendly disposition. And with large companies like iiNet and Foxtel already paving the way, the opportunities for Australian businesses to take advantage of call centre outsourcers in South Africa is certainly on the rise!

With pricing only marginally different from the Philippines, you can tap into this highly motivated workforce with South Africa having very low attrition in a thriving contact centre industry. 

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List of Call Centre Outsourcers in South Africa:


The Smart Group

The Smart Group offers an outsourced Contact Centre across both Australia and South Africa as well as providing a National Field Marketing sales and service solution. For over 18 years, and with a team of over 300 staff, we have been acquiring and servici

Address: Level 6, 324 St Kilda Rd, Southbank VIC, Australia

Phone: (+13) 00 654 261


Tags: Customer Service Outsourcing Telemarketing Outsourcing Sales Solutions

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CCI South Africa

Outsourcing / South Africa / CCI South Africa

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1st Call Group

Outsourcing / South Africa / 1st Call Group

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Outsourcing / South Africa / Merchants

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