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Trying to generate leads from your target market can be difficult and costly, especially when it relates to contact centre and CX products and services. Google Adwords is expensive and difficult to manage, Facebook is poor for B2B, Instagram isn't quite ready for business and LinkedIn is, well, becoming like Facebook. 

Already trusted by tens of thousands of CX professionals and importantly, those also in the broader business community, CX Central has been steadily building as the go-to place for all CX and contact centre related resources and information.

Combined with our leading positions on Google search rankings, this means we are constantly receiving traffic from people specifically looking to find solutions for call centre, contact centre, customer service and CX related issues -making it the perfect place to promote your business.

Why you should list your business:

Receive Targeted Leads

With our strong Google search rankings and our authority within the CX and call centre community, our business directory receives constant searches from people looking for a specific solution.

It's cost-effective

If you’ve tried Adwords or other forms of Social Media you will know how expensive (and ineffective) it can be. With a free level and four paid levels, we’ve got a solution to suit every budget.

Boost your SEO

All our paid business directory listings include at least one valuable backlink to your website that can help lift your SEO rankings for your own website.

Directory Listing prices

Prices are for one listing in one category/subcategory for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. See our FAQ's for more information. 

Free Level

/ year

Includes some basic information about your business. 

*includes 1 search tag

Starter Level

/ year

Make your listing stand out with your company logo, website link and more words to explain your services. Appears above the free listings to ensure you get noticed.

*includes 2 search tags

Classic Level

/ year

All the Starter Listing benefits plus include your phone number, more words to describe your business and more search tags to enable customers to find your services.

*includes 4 search tags

Plus Level

/ year

If you are serious about showcasing your business you'll get all the benefits of the Classic Listing plus your very own page where you can bring your listing to life with videos, photos, downloads and more plus even more search tags to make sure your business gets noticed.

*includes 7 search tags

Platinum Level

/ year

The ultimate directory listing to promote your business! Includes featured listing background, top position, a full page to showcase your business, more links, text and more.

*includes 10 search tags

Want to know how to get more leads for your business?

With the largest dedicated website for CX professionals in Australia, we've got a range of solutions to help make your business a success. Click the links below to learn more:

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