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Competitive differentiation. Customer loyalty. Growth in wallet share.

These are highly sort-after outcomes earned by companies investing in exceptional customer experience. Click the link to learn more about how Concentrix can partner wi

Address: 146 Arthur Street, North Sydney NSW, Australia

Phone: (+61) 1300 288 088


Tags: Customer Service Outsourcing Lead Generation Solutions Collections Services Claims Management Inbound Sales Surveys Sales Solutions

Outsourcing / Australia / Concentrix

Mentor CX

The Egyptian Outsourcing Specialists

Based in Sydney, we help businesses seeking quality Call Centre and Back Office services in Egypt enabling you to access very competitive prices with the comfort of having a local presence here in Australia. 

Contact us to discover how Egypt can be the perfect offshoring destination for your call centre functions. 

Address: Alfred Street North, North Sydney NSW, Australia

Phone: (+61) 1300 100 929


Tags: Customer Service Outsourcing

Outsourcing / Egypt / Mentor CX

Nuance Communications Australia

Voice Biometrics: Simpler, stronger customer authentication & Powerful Analytics Solutions to unlock the power of your customer conversations

Voice authentication overcomes knowledge-based security issues by analysing your customer’s voice for hundreds of unique characteristics, then matching to a voiceprint file. 

Discover how our Voice Biometric solutions can improve your customer satisfaction, enhance trust and security, make your agent's life easier and reduce costs. 

Address: Level 11, 124 Walker Street, North Sydney, 2060

Phone: (+61) 2 943 4230


Tags: Artificial Intelligence Authentication Technology providers Customer Analytics Speech Analytics Voice Analytics Voice Biometrics

Technology / Analytics & Authentication / Nuance Communications Australia

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